What to do When You Feel Tired and Overwhelmed?

We all set a year goal or resolutions every end of the year and hoping to start doing them right when the new year had arrived. But most of the time we failed on ticking each of our goals and ended up rewriting them all over again by the end of the year. The problem is: You get overwhelmed. Let's first see the meaning of the word, shall we? "Bury or drown beneath a huge mass. Defeat completely. Give too much of a thing to (someone); inundate." Yes, we set so many goals but do

Tibumana Waterfall Bali

I've always want to visit Bali's famous waterfalls, and this is my first two waterfalls. In this video I cover pretty much a simple how to go to tibumana waterfall. This place is definitely can be reached by car, so don't worry about accomodations, it will be very easy to get. The rest, you can watch the video :) #travelbali #baliwaterfall #waterfallsinbali #cherylmarella #cherstrip

The Return of The Moffatts

It was a sunny Sunday in Bali when I catched up with The Moffatts. Bali was supposed to be their 'break' but thankfully they gave me an OK to do an interview. "As long as we can do it at our Hotel" they said, and of course it was a YES from me too. They have been in hiatus as 'The Moffatts' for 17 years. Things have changed and so many life lessons were learned. I love the fact that Clint is now a father, Bob and Clint are doing music together called 'Endless Summer' and they

Starting A Show on 87.8 Hard Rock FM Bali

Hi guys! I am happy to announce that after 4 years of hiatus, I am back doing radio, this time is with 87.8 Hard Rock FM Bali. My show is on Saturday and Sunday 7-10 AM, so you better stay tuned! #hardrockfmbali #cherylmarella #eventsinbali

3 Meditation and Mindfulness Apps that Can Help You Release Stress and Resistance.

When I started learning how to meditate, I thought to myself 'damn that's hard!'. I just couldn't get myself to stop thinking. I am a future thinker, and future thinkers are prone to panic and anxiety attacks. (While past thinkers are prone to depression from the lack of ability to let go). So anyway, it started out with me googling 'guided meditation' to finding these amazing apps that helped me with my meditation. I am going to share it to you, just in case you're in need o

5 Places to see for a day in Semarang

What if you only have very limited time to spend in a city? Would you only stay in your hotel? Or would you make the best of time and explore the city? I recently visited Semarang, a city on the north coast of the island of Java, Indonesia.It was a trip to attend my producer’s wedding. I only had 1,5 days to spend. Being an adventurous girl, I couldn’t just stay at my hotel. I had to see what Semarang had to offer. These are the places I managed to explore: 1. Umbul Sidomukti

3 Airport Hacks So You Travel Easy

(Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash) Having to travel a lot, sometimes I can get super annoyed of all the troubles and crazyness of being at the airport. Especially when it comes to big international busy airports, like in the US, UK, Singapore, etc. So after a while, I learned a few tips on how to make your airport journey easier and more comfortable. 1. Online Check In Most of you probably have done this already. But for those of you who hasn't, you can start trying t

3 Simple Steps to Help You Overcome Overwhelming Feeling.

Being a highly sensitive person (I'm an ENFP), when I have loads of things thrown at me all at once, I used to really got overwhelmed to the point that I chose to not do anything about anything. So in time I learn a very useful steps to overcome this, and hopefully it can help you as well. 1. Breathe. Really, as simple as it sounds, but its the truth. You NEED to breathe. Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed, and I used to really have bad anxiety attacks in the past, I breathe.

1 Best All in Resort in Bohol Philippines

I remember having my birthday, packing my bags right as midnight came. My birthday was literally spent in an aeroplane, flying to Manilla. My bff lives there, and she promised me I was going to have a marvelous Beach Journey! Of course I did. We did! After Manilla, we flew to Bohol. Its like Lombok for Indonesia, whereas Boracay is like Bali for Philipines. The trip was kind of like an amazing race episode. 2 flights from Jakarta - Manilla - Bohol. When we got there, we took

Beach Pick! Geger Nusa Dua

There is nothing I love more, than a quiet beach with blue sky, white sand and clear water. As I reached the shore all I could feel was the fresh salty water and suddenly I was one with nature. Geger Beach is located in Nusa Dua, right next to Mulia Resort. But everything here is affordable. The beds only costs you IDR 50K each. And that's all you need to pay, unless you want to order food. At the same time, the beauty of sunset withh captivated you. As the sky was turning in

5 Must See Places and 1 Resort to Stay in Tanjung Bira Makassar

It was a random chat with a long lost Uni friend that brought me here. To this beauty. To this amazing view from this awesome resort. I haven't met Lean for 10 years! And we found each other on Instagram, after all those years, and said "hey, why don't we go for a reunion trip! I heard Tanjung Bira is amazing" and she said "YES". Don't we love people who travels?! lol We stayed at Amatoa Resort, one of the best resorts there in Tanjung Bira. We bought the trip from Budget Tou

Hocus Focus

As I sit today, listening to Louis Amstrong, contemplating what I want to write, I just know one thing for sure, that this challenge is good for my goals. Today I’m going to write about FOCUS. Finding your focus. Right now i’m setting a goal for my own business. And my first day challenge is finding that focus. I was thinking hard and long about it, until I came across a few great coaches that talks about it online. Ask yourself these questions: (Before you go to sleep) What

GBG Women Will Bali 2017

My cause has always been Women Empowerment. Women all over the world and women in my own country. So when Google Business Group Bali together with Women Will created this event, where I was one of the speakers, coaching women public speaking to enhance their business, I was honourd and stoked! There were about 150 women who came, all from different background, different industries, but all with one vision: To better themselves. We had speakers talking about gender equalities,

How Much do You Think You're Worth?

“If you could see yourself as those in spirit see you, you would never feel doubt or fear again” ~Denise Linn Have you ever had a situation where you questioned whether or not you are worthy to be loved? And when you realized that the person might not reciprocate, or falling further away from you, there’s an insecurity feeling creeping deep in your heart, that gives you anxiety, and fear of what’s going to happen next in the future. Then your mind tells you that you’re gonna