3 Airport Hacks So You Travel Easy

(Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash) Having to travel a lot, sometimes I can get super annoyed of all the troubles and crazyness of being at the airport. Especially when it comes to big international busy airports, like in the US, UK, Singapore, etc. So after a while, I learned a few tips on how to make your airport journey easier and more comfortable. 1. Online Check In Most of you probably have done this already. But for those of you who hasn't, you can start trying t

1 Best All in Resort in Bohol Philippines

I remember having my birthday, packing my bags right as midnight came. My birthday was literally spent in an aeroplane, flying to Manilla. My bff lives there, and she promised me I was going to have a marvelous Beach Journey! Of course I did. We did! After Manilla, we flew to Bohol. Its like Lombok for Indonesia, whereas Boracay is like Bali for Philipines. The trip was kind of like an amazing race episode. 2 flights from Jakarta - Manilla - Bohol. When we got there, we took