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1 Best All in Resort in Bohol Philippines

Updated: Jan 22, 2018

I remember having my birthday, packing my bags right as midnight came. My birthday was literally spent in an aeroplane, flying to Manilla. My bff lives there, and she promised me I was going to have a marvelous Beach Journey!

Of course I did. We did! After Manilla, we flew to Bohol. Its like Lombok for Indonesia, whereas Boracay is like Bali for Philipines.

The trip was kind of like an amazing race episode. 2 flights from Jakarta - Manilla - Bohol. When we got there, we took the local Tuk Tuk to get to the resort. Its not like there were no Taxi, but we just wanted to experience how it is to ride an Auto Rickshaw ( that's what a Tuk Tuk / Bajaj is called in the Phillipines).

And then we arrived in our resort. Bohol Beach Club! An amazing resort/hotel by the Bohol Beach! You can see the bright blue sky and the white sand and the clear blue water. The pool is just huge and amazing. But that was not all!

By the afternoon, there were fire dance along the beach! But since the resort is pretty much secluded, and there's almost nothing around the area, if you're bored and needed to go out for dinner, order taxi and go to another hotel/resort around the area (Shang Ri La is recommended, they have a very nice Bar by the beach). We did walked to the next resort right by Bohol Beach Club, but unfortunately the bar was almost closed. So make sure you have all your own entertainment ready.

As for us, we didn't care! The nature was pretty and that was our entertainment! And we came home with tans! Yay!


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