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3 Airport Hacks So You Travel Easy

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

Having to travel a lot, sometimes I can get super annoyed of all the troubles and crazyness of being at the airport. Especially when it comes to big international busy airports, like in the US, UK, Singapore, etc. So after a while, I learned a few tips on how to make your airport journey easier and more comfortable.

1. Online Check In

Most of you probably have done this already. But for those of you who hasn't, you can start trying this online check in. It helps you to save a LOT of time from queueing, especially if you come a bit late. If you have checked in online, you only need to print your boarding pass at the airport. It all depends on the airlines, but most airlines nowadays even have the application for you to arrange all your flight booking details including check in. The App usually will let you know any flight changes details if there are any.

2. No Metal Clothing

I personally hate it whenever the metal detector makes that annoying beeping sound when I go through it. So learning from my previous mistakes, I always make sure to wear clothes, head to toe, that are free from any kind of metals. I usually wear T-shirt, Jumper, Sports Bra that has no metal hook on it, Yoga pants, and plain sneakers. I don't wear rings, watches, earrings, belt or anything that will make the metal detector to go off.

3. Smart Packing with Packing Cubes

Using these cubes you can actually pack more and definitely more organized. It helps me a lot in my travels to find my stuff, to organize my clothes, shoes, socks, or anything I need. Seriously, these cubes are the best! You should try them. You don't need to worry about missing your stuff, not having enough space in your luggage, and...well, its prettier inside your luggage too :) That way, if the security wants to check the inside of your luggage, it's easier for you to know where you put what in there.

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I hope this post helps you make your airport life more fun and enjoyable!


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