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3 Simple Steps to Help You Overcome Overwhelming Feeling.

Being a highly sensitive person (I'm an ENFP), when I have loads of things thrown at me all at once, I used to really got overwhelmed to the point that I chose to not do anything about anything. So in time I learn a very useful steps to overcome this, and hopefully it can help you as well.

1. Breathe. Really, as simple as it sounds, but its the truth. You NEED to breathe.

Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed, and I used to really have bad anxiety attacks in the past, I breathe. Inhale deep and listen to the sound of your breath when you're exhaling. It will make you less tense, because the mind is distracted by focusing on your breathing. And deep breathing is really good, because your cells need the oxygen, so at the same time you're breathing, they are fixing itselves, so there is healing benefit. My yoga teacher taught me this. Breathing exercise will help you go into the state of stillness. The gap between your thoughts. And in stillness, you no longer think fear. You float.

2. Do one task at a time.

Don't force yourself to think more than one thing at a time. Do make a list of priority, which one are you going to do first, and stick to it until its done before moving on to the next task. When I first learn this step, it was my best friend who told me: What you need to do now is clear your mind. Go to the beach and focus on just enjoying yourself at the beach. You will feel better at the beach. And when you are, you go home and focus on showering. That's your second task. And just focus, be in the moment when you're showering. Feel the water on your skin. Just be there at that moment. Then move on to the next task. Just never think of the next task before what you do now is done. That way, you're being in the moment, and nothing is hurting you in this moment but you're own thougths. I started applying this strategy, and it really helps me!

Just be there at that moment. Then move on to the next task. Just never think of the next task before what you do now is done.

3. Tell yourself "Everything is always working out for me".

I actually quote this from Abraham Hicks. She always says that whatever is the condition and situation, you have to have faith that it is supposed to be that way and that it will always ended up working out for you. This became my personal mantra. Every time I feel worry and fear, I told myself: 'Its OK, help is on the way, everything is always working out for me' then I just enjoy the process. Though it might feels like the process sucks, but give it time, you will get to your destination eventually. And one day you will help others with your story. So keep the faith.

Everything is ALWAYS working out for me. -Abraham Hicks

I know it's not easy to do all this. It's going to need your discipline, your self awareness and your determination into being a better you, and a better me, every day. But if you think you have tried all other ways and it didn't work out, you can give this a shot. It might work out for you as it had helped me in my process in becoming who I am today.

Loads of love,

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