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5 Places to see for a day in Semarang

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

What if you only have very limited time to spend in a city? Would you only stay in your hotel? Or would you make the best of time and explore the city?

I recently visited Semarang, a city on the north coast of the island of Java, Indonesia.It was a trip to attend my producer’s wedding. I only had 1,5 days to spend. Being an adventurous girl, I couldn’t just stay at my hotel. I had to see what Semarang had to offer. These are the places I managed to explore:

1. Umbul Sidomukti

This place is simply beautiful! If you don't mind swimming in a cool weather, this place is it! While you're there, you can enjoy the view while sipping on your hot coffee at a coffee shop called Pondok Kopi. And if you are interested in staying for a night or two, Pondok Wisata and Villa Panorama will welcome you with warmth and open arms.

This is for the thrill seeker! By day, this place is a regular museum where you can enjoy antiques. By night, this place offers an rather unusual tour. A ghost tour. This museum has an underground basement, which was used by the Japanese to torture and kill hundreds of Indonesian and Dutch soldiers who were fighting against them back in colonial times. And now, it has become the most haunted part of the building. Spooky!

With a unique dome and a very Dutch(ish) artistic building design, located in Old Town, this church has became one of the main attractions in Semarang.

The old city/old town preserves the Dutch's touch in housings and buildings design in that area. Making it very attractive and pretty. Holds many history and of course, you can find many people selling old school stuff of any kind.

And when you're tired exploring, I recommend to drop by at this beautiful cafe called Spiegel. They serve you good meals and nice cocktails too!

Last but not least, one of my favorites in Semarang must be the Brown Canyon. Its a small replica of grand canyon, and very pretty if you're in it for the pictures. But warning, you need to wear glasses and mask, cause the dust and wind can be quite disturbing.

Hope you enjoy your weekend getaway to Semarang!


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