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6 Magical Spots in Nusa Penida Bali

Updated: Jan 22, 2018

A great end of year treat for dear me was to travel!

I was excited when a friend of mine, Peter, came to Bali and pointed out a picture (which was Penida) and said he wanted to go there. And I was like 'YAS!' lol.

We stayed at Joglo Bungalow , and Oh My Gosh the view! It was literally on top of the cliff from Atuh Beach. And there was only ONE bungalow, ours! (See the pic below, it's amazing!). We had so much fun traveling here for 3 days. And here is the list of spots you should check out in Nusa Penida:

1. Do stay at Joglo or Tree House for a day. The view is worth it!

2. Go to Atuh Beach (warning you will be going up and down with 100+ stairs, so be fit!)

3. Go to Broken Beach and Angel's Billabong (they're in one area)

4. Klingking beach is beautiful (the stairs are higher and it has longer way up and down than Atuh beach. But, people make great pics on the stair!)

5. Manta Bay for snorkeling

6. Crystal Bay for a sweet sunset at the beach

You can go there easily with fast boat, but warning, don't ever go with CROWN FAST CRUISE because we had terrible experience with them. They tried to ripped us off, didn't want to admit their mistakes, and shout to us rude words when we complained lol.

Reach out to ROD Guide for a boat and tour there.

And for Joglo plus accomodation, get in touch with Pak Lebar: +6285239959409

Have fun guys!


(img courtesy )

(img courtesy ) Joglo Bungalow

The Famous Klingking Beach

From the top of Joglo you can chill on hammocks with the view of Atuh Beach below you.

Atuh Beach

Angels Billabong

Atuh Beach

(photo by Peter Geoghan @pgeogs )

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