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Hocus Focus

As I sit today, listening to Louis Amstrong, contemplating what I want to write, I just know one thing for sure, that this challenge is good for my goals.

Today I’m going to write about FOCUS. Finding your focus. Right now i’m setting a goal for my own business. And my first day challenge is finding that focus. I was thinking hard and long about it, until I came across a few great coaches that talks about it online.

Ask yourself these questions:

(Before you go to sleep) What are the emotions you mostly feel every day? If it’s a good feeling, remember what are you focusing on. Is it your job that you love? Is it your dog? Your friends? Your life?

if it’s not a good feeling, also list what lacks are you focusing on. Because what you’re focusing on triggers your feelings and your feelings made your reality.

Now when we have goals (work goals, relationship goals, health goals, whatever goals there is) where do we focus? No, its not on the goals itself. Focus on the BEHAVIOR. Your behaviors are the things you’re in control about. Your goal is not.

If your goal is losing 5Kgs of weight, your focus is on your behaviors every day that’s gonna help you to get closer to that goal. In this case, focus in discipline of healthy eating, focus on your diet, focus on your workout, focus on sleeping enough, focus on being that healthy person. Focus on your nutrition, focus on things you are in control about.

If your goal is having a relationship, focus in loving yourself, focus in treating yourself right, focus in being that perfect partner. I think now you got what I’m saying, right?

And to have a happy life, focus on the good feelings! There is no way around it. Good feelings come from focusing on what you are excited about, things that fueled your energy, people that you love, people who loves you. How do you move? How do you speak? What kind of stories you told yourself everyday? Do you speak kind to yourself? Do you love you? You can change your bad feelings as fast as you changed your focus.

Now what you gotta do is JUMP! Jump to the unknown, take the leap of faith, and start doing what you love doing. Start being the person you always wanna become. Focus on the behavior to reach your goals every single second. Trust the process and enjoy the journey!

If you want more elaboration in this, this TED Talk is so good for you!

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