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How Much do You Think You're Worth?

“If you could see yourself as those in spirit see you, you would never feel doubt or fear again” ~Denise Linn

Have you ever had a situation where you questioned whether or not you are worthy to be loved? And when you realized that the person might not reciprocate, or falling further away from you, there’s an insecurity feeling creeping deep in your heart, that gives you anxiety, and fear of what’s going to happen next in the future. Then your mind tells you that you’re gonna get rejected. And that’s exactly what happened. Then frustration, sadness, anger, pain and heart break is all that you can feel. Have you ever walked somewhere, and see a very successful person and just thought ‘I could never be that. Im not that lucky.’ Or ‘Nobody will ever really love me’.

Then bitter came along. Being the root of all sarcasm. It’s dark, it’s painful, It’s awful, and it stays deep in the core of the soul. It wants to be worshipped with numbness and fed by fear.

Ego will be its best friend. And when we serve them long enough, we became dead souls walking around with bitch face or fake smiles. With so many layers, facade and walls. Then we wonder why bad things keep happening. Fear. One of the most powerful source in life, love’s greatest enemy. Fear steals joy and happiness, reason to live, and shoots love down without compassion. Its hating, victimizing, jealous, insecure, feeling of guilt, apathy, whatever feeling that is taking away peace from your heart is coming from fear. So if we don’t operate from love, we operate from fear. Because there are only two sources, Fear and Love.

When we do not know our value, when we don’t put ourselves high, that’s when we pretty much have a mindset that people can walk over us, subconsciously we will act accordingly, and yes, others won’t put value on us as well. It’s projected from the way we behave, from the way we let slide things that are bad for us, because we’re scared, if we told them it’s not the way you wanna be treated they’re gonna go away. It’s FEAR. News flash, that’s exactly WHY! Those people who ran away after knowing they can’t just treat us like shit are not the best people we wanna be around with. But we need to know our value first, and it’s gonna filter who your true friends are, or if we have a partner, it’s gonna filter whether or not it’s real love or manipulation.

To be able to value ourselves, we have to do a lot of inner work. Healing wounds, taking off of the identity, letting go of ego, nurturing ourselves, be authentic with what we feel, not to be scared to be vulnerable. It’s going to take a lot of times working on ourselves, but believe me, it will be worth it. Once I reached that moment of clarity, after about four straight years of working on me, how to love me, how to accept me, how to take care of me, then how to expand love to be unconditional, how to accept what is, and just be a happy person, I fear no more. There’s only peace. There’s a consciousness in me where I can let go of things that aren’t working for me gracefully, and just let things go moment to moment. Excited about everything. Thankful for everything. Freedom from fear is actually the best feeling in the world. I’m gonna quote a friend of mine, Marcello, who said “It’s like doing a trust fall into the arms of God” …and it exactly is. Know your high value, and just dive into live trusting that everything is perfect the way it is. Swim excitedly to the unknown. Embrace the feelings, good or bad, it’s just feelings, it’s not final, it will pass. Fly with love high. Love, even when you’re most afraid. Be on top of mountains and have a heart of a lion. Have that courage. Forgive yourself. Stand in grace and whenever you walk into a room, you will shine so bright in your elegance and your love. With love, Cheryl Marella #belove #howtolovelife #lovinglifejourney #cherylmarella #lovelife #lovecoaching #loveyourself

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