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Let Love be Our Prayer

How many times do we try to numb ourselves in order not to feel love?

Because feeling love can lead to pain, and we have been through that pain, and we thought that it’s enough. No more love means no more pain. But is it? Or is it opening another hole in us? A void that we try to fulfill with another addiction. Work, sex, alcohol, friends, movies, basically anything under the sun, but working on within. I just learn, and it’s always the hard way, to love means to be vulnerable. Vulnerable to the unknown. Vulnerable to a plot twist. To pain. But they say, to mold and purify the gold, you have to go through the fire. It’s going to be painful, but it brings you closer to oneness. When the love become unconditional. No more agenda behind it, no more conditions, it’s just love, and it became a state of being. Because you are love. No more looking for it from without, because it’s within. No more seeking for approval and validation because you enjoy giving it. Because you have so much love it will never going to run out.

There is no fear in love, when you have value you have no fear.

Don’t go hardening up the core. Softened the core with love. Dive in to the purest kind of love. Let the gold be burned and purified. Be able to be happy to see others happy, even if that means you have to let go. Be able to gracefully accept things the way it is. Love the present the way it is. Because it is perfect, and to see it in other way is madness.

Let love be our language instead of sarcasm, bitterness and hatred. Let us able to turn the other cheek, because fighting will never resolve anything. Let’s prove that we can heal the world with love and compassion. Let us be able to love our enemies. Let our heart be wide enough to forgive and deep enough to let go. Let our brokenness heal and be a story to tell. Let love be the inspiration and the only source of each of our action.

To love our self-first is the ground rule. Love yourself fully that you have no void you need others to fill. Nurture yourself with doing the things you love, and know that you are enough. Love your God, and your neighbor as yourself. Forgive yourself for the past mistake so it won’t be an anchor that bounds your leg to a chain. Free yourself from guilt. Make peace with you and all your flaws. Love you as you are.

The husband who lost his wife in Paris attack said ‘I won’t give you the gift of hating you’. Such a strong powerful love act that he does. When the world turn to hate, he turns to love. Because holding on to anger (hate, fear, and any of those negative feelings) is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. So the question now is, would you, let yourself be burned in the fire, and came out purified as gold, having the strongest power, which is love? It’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it.

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