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The Return of The Moffatts

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

It was a sunny Sunday in Bali when I catched up with The Moffatts. Bali was supposed to be their 'break' but thankfully they gave me an OK to do an interview. "As long as we can do it at our Hotel" they said, and of course it was a YES from me too.

They have been in hiatus as 'The Moffatts' for 17 years. Things have changed and so many life lessons were learned. I love the fact that Clint is now a father, Bob and Clint are doing music together called 'Endless Summer' and they have been making great music videos where they shot and played live around the world's most beautiful views! Also Dave have moved to Jakarta for about 6 months and Scott been producing music for his own and his long time girlfriend.

If you are a 90s kids, this is the ultimate blast from the past! As for The Moffatts, please keep the musics coming! :)

Cheers, Cheryl Marella

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