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What to do When You Feel Tired and Overwhelmed?

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

We all set a year goal or resolutions every end of the year and hoping to start doing them right when the new year had arrived. But most of the time we failed on ticking each of our goals and ended up rewriting them all over again by the end of the year.

The problem is: You get overwhelmed.

Let's first see the meaning of the word, shall we?

"Bury or drown beneath a huge mass.

Defeat completely.

Give too much of a thing to (someone); inundate."

Yes, we set so many goals but don't really know how to get there. So we stress ourselves daily and got overwhelmed, and we just pretty much stop trying. Or having excuses in our heads of why this is not going to work.

A few tips from me when I figured this method I'm using actually worked last year, to help you cope with overwhelm. First thing first, something that we need to do once (or every other month):

1. Create Priority Folders

Go back to your NY resolution list and see, which one is the most important and - this is very important - the most possible to do right now at this moment? That project will go to FOLDER 1. The number of folders depends on how many projects you have set up for the year. And you have to promise yourself NOT to touch the 2nd folder and the next before Folder 1 is completed and done. This way you can focus on doing the things that can be done right now, then move on to the next project, and not just randomly doing stuff that will end up with - most of the time - nothing.

What to do when you feel overwhelmed
No more emotionally overwhelmed

2. Set an intention(s)

This will help you not to get emotionally overwhelmed. Why do you want to do project A? Or project B? What is your intention? You have to know the answer to this, otherwise, you will be doing something without a vision and mission. Be specific, and dare yourself to dream. Get into the feeling space and then let it go. Let the universe do the work for you to make it come true. While what you have to do next is...

3. Create your action plan and daily time management

After you've created the priority list folders, it's time to create the action plan for Folder 1. And folder 1 only until this project is done, before creating an action plan for Folder 2.

Then you set the timeline on how long should you finished Project in Folder 1. And continue in breaking it down into your daily time management. Use google calendar. Book hours for you to do this task every day. How long ever do you think is best for you. Stick to this plan. This will hopefully get rid of the "I feel so overwhelmed with life" feeling, because now you know where to start and you know where it should end.

4. Discipline and Focus

Now you have your priority list set, your intentions set, and your time management set. All you need to do now is be discipline. Stick to the plans you've created. And focus on doing them to the finished line. Really, finish what you've started.

Hope these tips can help you start your new year with intention and purpose and hit your jackpot! No more feeling 'overwhelmed what to do' because you can do anything that you set your mind to!


Cheryl Marella

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Rachel Glover
Rachel Glover
27 de ago. de 2021

Thank you for writingg this

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