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This coaching is for you, who are starting with your online business and want to learn more how to enhace your business by mastering your digital speaking skills. We will have a one on one video call and here you will learn:

1. How to be confident in front of camera.
2. The best body language and facial expression in front of camera.
3. How to do your webminar / Facebook live / vlog with confident and character. 

4. How to do a good dialog for webminar / facebook live and be connected with the guest and audience while at it. 

5. How to master your intro pitch to your client.

If you're an aspiring speaker, MC, Moderator, motivational speaker, you want to amp up your Public Speaking skill on stage, then this is for you.  We will have a one on one video call (or if you live in Bali area we can do in person coaching)

Here you will learn:

1. Releasing your blocks and fear of public speaking.

2. How to prepare a speech with irresistible allure of stories.

3. Mastering yourself, mastering the event, mastering the crowd and mastering the stage.

4. Speaking with character.

5. Knowing what are the talk styles to avoid.

6. How to prepare an interesting slides that catch attention. 

7. Practicing the right way.

8. What to wear on stage that shows your character.

9. Handling tough audience.

Format: Workshop

Materials: To be discussed and delivered according the needs.


1.The day focuses on story development, including how to develop a powerful and engaging introduction to their presentation. Participants then learn best practices for slide design. Learning about the top 4 delivery methods.

2.Live practice  with video recording of the students, practice exercises, and interactive breakout sessions with peer review for all other participants. Also, practicing the skills to handle tough questions and provide assertive answers.

Benefits from this workshop:

1. Participant will receive constructive feedback from instructor and the peer.

2. Observational learning by watching others practice the same skills.

3. Solidify learning by immediately applying new skills.

4. Q&A on the spot for participants.

5. Video review of participant to be evaluated.

You have a company or a brand but you really don't have time to do your social media. This service will give you:

1. 3 Platforms of social media (of your choice) to be taken over (posting, comments, likes and tags)

2. Growing organic followers.

3. Scheduling and crative content writing (not included taking photos and or videos)

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