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5 Must See Places and 1 Resort to Stay in Tanjung Bira Makassar

Updated: Jan 22, 2018

It was a random chat with a long lost Uni friend that brought me here. To this beauty. To this amazing view from this awesome resort. I haven't met Lean for 10 years! And we found each other on Instagram, after all those years, and said "hey, why don't we go for a reunion trip! I heard Tanjung Bira is amazing" and she said "YES".

Don't we love people who travels?! lol

We stayed at Amatoa Resort, one of the best resorts there in Tanjung Bira. We bought the trip from Budget Tour. The resort was right at the cliff and the beach, like mini santorini. You can see and chill at the invinity pool while watching the sun goes down in an orange sky. Sipping your wine, and just breathe. You'll be captivated by the beauty of what you see. The ocean blue, and clear sky in the morning and the sun you'd love to give you a tan. It was one of the best morning and the best evening of my life! And for sure cathing up with Lean became even better with a view like that.

And if you got there, here are the list of places we went:

1. A day in Makassar to do culinary and sight seeing the Pinisi Ships

2. Pantai Aparalang

3. Pahongka Panorama

4. A snorkeling day to: Pulau Kambing, Pulau Liukang and around.

5. Rammang-rammang River

Or you can check my videos below.


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