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GBG Women Will Bali 2017

My cause has always been Women Empowerment. Women all over the world and women in my own country. So when Google Business Group Bali together with Women Will created this event, where I was one of the speakers, coaching women public speaking to enhance their business, I was honourd and stoked!

There were about 150 women who came, all from different background, different industries, but all with one vision: To better themselves.

We had speakers talking about gender equalities, digital marketing, canvas business model and public speaking. And it was so much fun! Glad I could be a part of the movement!

I desire Indonesian women to acknowledge and understand that they can stand on their own two feet. That they can have skills, work any job they love, be or do or have anything that they want that make them happy, and for them to inspire other women as well. Because strong women lift each others up!

I love the energy of the women who came, their enthusiasm, their spirit, sharing their stories and being authentic with who they are. I am a proud lady!


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