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There is no wrong path

"Follow the stream, have faith in its course" -Sheng Yen

I was in the middle of trying to listen to my intuition, and avoid to be distracted by my thoughts when I found Oprah’s interview in Stanford University. At the end of that interview, it all made sense to me. I had to be all confused, to find this interview, and got reminded about one thing. And that one thing, is very important.

There is no wrong path. Even if it’s a bad situation, and it seems like its wrong, it will still lead you to where you are supposed to be. To your vision.

I remember thinking of going to DC instead of NYC last year when I left Jakarta. But the Station I wanted to work for, turns out had to lay off 15 employees. The boss told me, if only you came here a few years sooner, the job could be mine. So it fell through. I thought ‘damn it, now what?’ then a few friends convinced me to try NYC. And I did, reluctantly. But then turns out all the journey of finding myself, all happened in NYC. The growth, the school, the work, the new family, happened in NYC. Turns out DC had to fell through so I can grow in NYC. Or when back in the old days, since high school all I wanted was to be a news anchor for CNN. But the road took me to entertainment bizz. I remember being “rejected” in so many news station because I either looked too young, too edgy, or too bubbly. So I always got offered to do sport and showbiz. I took it anyway, hey, It’s fun! I kinda let go of news, and last year I even let go of media industry all at once. But when I came back, I got a call, CNN opened here in Jakarta, I came, and got the job. Who knew that 20 years from when I said I want it, the station opened in my hometown? No..wrong…path. If right now you think you’ve made wrong decisions, relax, trust the process, go with the flow, have faith in its course. Failure and wrong decisions happened, to show us the right path. To lead us to where we are supposed to be heading. Listen to your intuition more. When your mind is clear and still, you will hear that voice. Follow the voice with no fear. Set your vision clear as light, then let it go, but work towards it every day. Work on yourself to be a better you every day, so that you will attract the same tribe with the same vibe. Don’t give up on love, it is the most powerful source the universe has. Use it well, with joy and gratefulness. Once again, there is no wrong path. So hold that head up, and keep fighting! #lovinglifejourney #selflove #selfworth #howtovalueyourself #alliswell

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